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International Drum
2 categories, 3 difficulty levels,
0 age restrictions!
First category: Etude for pad/snare drum
Don't have access to a kit? Feel stronger in the technical aspects of playing drums? This category is for you!
Download the sheet music and backing tracks, grab your drumsticks and practice! Remember to play exactly everything that is written in the notes (accents, dynamics, hand layout). Record your performance to the accompaniment in such a way that will allow us to evaluate the technique and precision of your playing. Send it in mp4 format to drum@tony.com.pl no later than 31.12.2021 along with the application form.
Second category: The drum kit!
Each level has it’s own original backing track, created by our good friend and great producer: Simon d' Danis ( d-prim.com). Choose your level and get to work! You won't find any instructional videos or sheet music here, because we want to hear 100% of your own interpretations of the songs. We evaluate everything from technique to musicality to interpretation. That’s why, once again: The recordings must be in decent quality. Send your mp4 files to drum@tony.com.pl by 31/12/2021 along with the application form.

Participation is free of charge!

In each category and from each level the Jury consisting of Wojtek Deręgowski, Tomasz Torres, Michał Maliński, Oskar Podolski, Grzegorz Staniek, Tomasz Garbera, KubaRegulski and Michał Lange (head of jury) will select the winners (6 in total).
In addition, two Grand Prix winners will be selected, one from each category (without division into levels), who will somehow stand out from the rest of the participants. It is not said that only people in advanced groups have chances!
Prizes include pads, drumsticks, drum lessons, discounts on Impression cymbals, access to our course:  https://practiceroom.studio/but also Sonor Benny Greb snare drum (mk1) and Impression Dark 16" crash drum!
The detailed list of prizes, technical requirements of recordings and the application form you will find in Terms&Conditions of the Competition, which along with sheet music and backing tracks to download, can be found on the disk
Results will be announced on 15.01.2022, and the winners will be contacted personally.
Questions and applications: drum@tony.com.pl
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