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Tomek Charęza, Odra Studio

"The music classes we had the opportunity to attend with the whole team we work with on a daily basis were great. One, they brought a lot of positive energy, two, they allowed us to take our heads off a bit from our daily duties. But more than anything, they contributed to making our cooperation smoother and more energetic and the communication within the team gained immediacy."

Jacek Grabowski, CEO of "Land of Volleyball" Foundation

"Sending the entire team to Tons for music classes was a hit. It's very important to us that the team be as in tune as possible on and off the field. The TEAM=BAND workshop had a positive effect on both. We hope that this will be reflected in the sports result and the attractiveness of the club as an employer."

Wojciech Rembikowski, chief financial officer of Impel S.A.

"During my career of more than 20 years, I had the opportunity to participate in several different sessions of training and integration activities focused on team building. It seemed to me that by climbing ropes, parachute jumping, or performing the strangest logic and endurance tasks, I had already gotten to know myself and my co-workers. Nothing could be further from the truth. The most interesting thing was discovered by... music. A completely different kind of emotion was revealed, there was an even greater openness to people, their differences, but also creativity to set different goals. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone, even those, or perhaps especially those for whom music is still present only on the radio and bands on posters."


The workshop program is built from four modules, which are based on different approaches to musical matter and allow you to learn the full spectrum of possibilities for using sounds in the creative process. At the same time, they show the basics of effective teamwork.

Each module consists of a musical part, which is the stage for the group to create its own musical piece, and a training part conducted by business trainers. The trainers discuss group mechanisms and processes, encourage participants to self-reflect and supplement their knowledge in the area of effective communication and teamwork.

We conduct classes in accordance with the art of adult learning, through experience and using interactive methods. We focus on practice and maximum activation of participants.

•  exclusive space

•  1 or 2 days of classes

•  catering

•  max 12 people

 cooperation with excellent musicians and didacticians

 support of business trainers

 complete access to music equipment


Music will sound only when the BAND is tuned to the same rhythm. Success in business will be achieved when the TEAM works together, in such harmony, as if they were making... music!

The presence of a leader focused not only on the goal, but also on building relationships and partnerships.

Taking care of mutual commitment and motivation, especially in crisis situations.

Collaborative orientation to find the best solutions to the challenges undertaken.

TEAM = BAND workshop is a unique offer aimed at business. The proposal is addressed to companies that want to build cohesive and effective teams by investing in the development of interpersonal and social skills of their employees. The TEAM = BAND program is a completely new version of workshops on building effective and harmonized teams, which you have not yet experienced.

Tony Team Building

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